Alongside traditional studio sessions, Sarah specialises in remote vocal sessions. An experienced programmer and producer, her approach of recording vocals in her own private studio over a backing track sent by the writer or producer, then sending the parts back via the internet have proved very popular with her clients in today’s world of tight budgets and even tighter schedules.

Not having to book a studio & engineer and spend a day recording, tracking, comping and arranging vocals is a great boon to producers and writers who use Sarah as their vocalist. The studio time, engineering and editing is included in the fee along with the vocals.

Sarah records using a Neumann U87 through an Apogee interface on an Apple iMac. The parts are delivered back in whatever format you wish as fully edited, comp’d and separated audio files synced up, ready to be flown back into the track for mixing.

All that is required is the backing track along with any specific requirements, instructions or guide melody and Sarah can provide a complete vocal performance and BV arrangement that will lift your tracks to a whole new level!