June 2011 Projects
Jul 2011 06

June was busy working with Steve Booker recording backing vocals for a VERY catchy song by Geri Halliwell! I also recorded backing vocals for new artist ‘Russo’ produced by Emre Ramazanoglu, and Nolwenn Leroy’s beautiful rendition of “Amazing Grace” produced by Jon Kelly.

Remember that song “Shine” by Aswad? Well my good friend Joe Cang wrote that and has just recorded his own fantastic latin flavoured version, which I’ve recorded backing vocals on…release details to follow – in the meantime have a listen and check out his fabulous new album “Bed” at www.joecang.com.

I also recorded demo’s for Kevan Gallagher and Michelle Leonard (Universal Music Publishing Germany) and also Neil Williams & Martin Okasili. Been doing some very enjoyable writing with Neil too!!

Dionne Bromfield’s album “Good For The Soul” is now released (I did backing vocals on 6 songs) – its a great album..do go and have a listen here!