Autumn 2011

Have been busy this summer recording more songs for pitching for producer Steve Booker and also more backing vocals on the forthcoming Geri Halliwell album.

I’ve been writing an album for Audio Network with Neil Williams, also featuring performances by Miles Bould, Nigel Hitchcock, Martin Okasili and Chris Newland. Pretty near completion now, looking forward to hearing the finished result!

Just found out that my song “Clean Sheets” is to be used in the upcoming film “She Wants Me” starring Hilary Duff, Josh Gad and Charlie Sheen:

Also my song “Bye Bye Baby” is being used on a promo for The Vampire Diaries:

…and my song “Don’t Stop” is being used on a promo for the new Rosie O’Donnell show on the Oprah Winfrey Network, “The Rosie Show Sweepstakes”:

Till next time….x