Winter 2012

Ok its not officially winter yet but today its snowing and freezing cold…so this post comes under winter!!

I’ve been working with the lovely Phil Gould (of Level 42), doing some backing and lead vocals for an exciting forthcoming project. I’ve also re-recorded an acapella choral version of his song “A Little Piece Of Mind” from his solo album “Watertight”.

Had a lot of fun recording backing vocals on four songs on the new Connie Talbot album produced by Kipper….
… and recording backing vocals for Audio Network writer Terry Divine-King.

Writing wise I’ve been finishing off an album of mellow/ambient piano music for
De Wolfe. My song “Clean Sheets” was used in the MTV show “Jersey Shore”, my song “Hot” has been used in the game “Eurotruck Simulator2”
and my songs “Bye Bye Baby” and “In Control” have been used in the new iPad game “Dancepad” by Moonshark

That’s all for now…have a great Christmas! x