Ok its not officially winter yet but today its snowing and freezing cold…so this post comes under winter!!

I’ve been working with the lovely Phil Gould (of Level 42), doing some backing and lead vocals for an exciting forthcoming project. I’ve also re-recorded an acapella choral version of his song “A Little Piece Of Mind” from his solo album “Watertight”.

Had a lot of fun recording backing vocals on four songs on the new Connie Talbot album produced by Kipper….
… and recording backing vocals for Audio Network writer Terry Divine-King.

Writing wise I’ve been finishing off an album of mellow/ambient piano music for
De Wolfe. My song “Clean Sheets” was used in the MTV show “Jersey Shore”, my song “Hot” has been used in the game “Eurotruck Simulator2”
and my songs “Bye Bye Baby” and “In Control” have been used in the new iPad game “Dancepad” by Moonshark

That’s all for now…have a great Christmas! x

I’ve had a very busy few months writing, sessions and gigging. Have recently been away to Japan, South Korea and Russia doing backing vocals for the fabulous Jamiroquai!

Mobo nominees Usonic have just released their second album “Diversion” on which I guested on the song “Straight To The Point”.

I also spent a fantastic few days with Usonic filming live studio footage at Steve Winwood’s beautiful “Wincraft” studios in The Cotswolds. The lineup is Miles Bould (drums), Scott Firth (bass), Nigel Hitchcock (sax), Robert Mitchell (keys), Marc Guillermont (guitar) and Gary Husband (piano) and me on vocals.

Tim Stone released his new beautiful meditation/chillout album “Calming The Monkey Mind” on which I performed vocals on all songs.

You can see the video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KPOCDqX9O60
For more details please visit http://www.timstonemusic.com

I’ve been continuing to write with Neil Williams on various library projects and I’ve also written a very Norah Jones’esque song with uber-talented Gary Husband and Sam Burgess.

My songs “Heart and Soul” & “Good Times” were used in the recent Channel 5 series “10 Things I Hate”.
“Saving Grace” was used on the CBS US TV show “Charmed”
“Hot” was used for the HBO US TV show “Working Girls In Bed”
“Don’t Stop” used for Coca Cola social media training
“Bye Bye Baby” used in the “Audition” videogame.
“Love Like There’s No Tomorrow” used in the CBS US TV show “ The Game”

Have kicked off the New Year with some great sessions for producer/songwriter Jon Kelly, keyboard player/songwriter Matt Johnson (Jamiroquai) and have recorded vocals on a new meditation album by guitarist Tim Stone.

Also recorded guest vocals on a track for the forthcoming album by Jazz Fusion Mobo award nominees Usonic.

Started writing a new album with a distinctly Brazilian feel with Neil Williams and Miles Bould – also featuring Adam Goldsmith and Martin Okasili.

Pre-Christmas I wrote and recorded a song to raise money for an incredibly worthwhile charity Grove House Hospice in St. Albans, featuring performances by Michael Scherchen, Joe Cang, Gil Cang, Steve Haworth and Derek Nash. Please help support Grove House by buying the single from iTunes here.

HTC used my song “Clean Sheets” for a presentation and Oxygen’s TV show ‘Bachelorette Party: Las Vegas’ used my songs “Hot”, “Bye Bye Baby” and “I Can’t Wait”.

“Bye Bye Baby” was also used in the ‘Audition’ videogame and “Hot” was used in the new ‘Vampire Diaries’ promo.

And finally….very excited to report that I’ve written the theme tune to Channel 5’s new show ‘Holiday Heaven On Earth‘ and they’ve also used about 40 of my songs for background cues 🙂

Have been busy this summer recording more songs for pitching for producer Steve Booker and also more backing vocals on the forthcoming Geri Halliwell album.

I’ve been writing an album for Audio Network with Neil Williams, also featuring performances by Miles Bould, Nigel Hitchcock, Martin Okasili and Chris Newland. Pretty near completion now, looking forward to hearing the finished result!

Just found out that my song “Clean Sheets” is to be used in the upcoming film “She Wants Me” starring Hilary Duff, Josh Gad and Charlie Sheen:

Also my song “Bye Bye Baby” is being used on a promo for The Vampire Diaries:

…and my song “Don’t Stop” is being used on a promo for the new Rosie O’Donnell show on the Oprah Winfrey Network, “The Rosie Show Sweepstakes”:

Till next time….x

June was busy working with producer Steve Booker recording backing vocals for Geri Halliwell. I also recorded backing vocals for new artist ‘Russo’ produced by Emre Ramazanoglu, and Nolwenn Leroy’s beautiful rendition of “Amazing Grace” produced by Jon Kelly.

Remember that song “Shine” by Aswad? Well my good friend Joe Cang wrote that and has just recorded his own fantastic latin flavoured version, which I’ve recorded backing vocals on…release details to follow – in the meantime have a listen and check out his fabulous new album “Bed” at www.joecang.com.

I also recorded demo’s for Kevan Gallagher and Michelle Leonard (Universal Music Publishing Germany) and also Neil Williams & Martin Okasili. Been doing some very enjoyable writing with Neil too!!

Dionne Bromfield’s album “Good For The Soul” is now released (I did backing vocals on 6 songs) – its a great album..do go and have a listen here!